Great tool for past clients. I have personally received numerous thank you calls from past clients. For me this is a simple way to stay in touch with past clients, and it only enhances my desire to provide the best product to my client base. Great product!

Tom Tucker - Del Mar, California

All of my clients say OPRAH HAS NOTHING ON ME WITH MY FABULOUS MAGAZINE. They can hardly believe I have my own magazine. And I love it! When I go into their homes, it is a little weird to see my face on their coffee tables. But I must admit I love it. Thanks, Home by Design.

Greta Holland - Atlanta, Georgia

My clients love their Home by Design magazine. They brag to their friends and family that their Realtor has her own magazine! It’s fun to get the random e-mail thanking me for this great magazine. It is also a great way to keep in contact and keep my referral business going.

Cynthia Schmidt - Puyallup, Washington

Out of all the print advertising that I do, I get more compliments and comments from my Home by Design publication. I have used your service for several years, and I am completely satisfied.

David English - Wilmington, North Carolina

I am constantly amazed by the success I have through getting new business and referrals using this method of keeping in touch with clients. My last three deals were from clients who I had met almost a year ago but were on my monthly mailing list and kept in contact that way! The online system is fairly easy to use and allows me to feature new listings on the back with every issue.

Jaime Briggs - Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

I love the Home by Design magazine. It keeps my name and face in front of my clients. The magazine has given me the opportunity to list many homes. Every time the magazine arrives at the home or business of one of my clients, they are reminded of what I do! I love your magazine!

Sylvia Stewart - Fairhope, Alabama

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