Great tool for past clients. I have personally received numerous thank you calls from past clients. For me this is a simple way to stay in touch with past clients, and it only enhances my desire to provide the best product to my client base. Great product!

Tom Tucker - Del Mar, California

All of my clients say OPRAH HAS NOTHING ON ME WITH MY FABULOUS MAGAZINE. They can hardly believe I have my own magazine. And I love it! When I go into their homes, it is a little weird to see my face on their coffee tables. But I must admit I love it. Thanks, Home by Design.

Greta Holland - Atlanta, Georgia

My clients love their Home by Design magazine. They brag to their friends and family that their Realtor has her own magazine! It’s fun to get the random e-mail thanking me for this great magazine. It is also a great way to keep in contact and keep my referral business going.

Cynthia Schmidt - Puyallup, Washington

Out of all the print advertising that I do, I get more compliments and comments from my Home by Design publication. I have used your service for several years, and I am completely satisfied.

David English - Wilmington, North Carolina

I am constantly amazed by the success I have through getting new business and referrals using this method of keeping in touch with clients. My last three deals were from clients who I had met almost a year ago but were on my monthly mailing list and kept in contact that way! The online system is fairly easy to use and allows me to feature new listings on the back with every issue.

Jaime Briggs - Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

I love the Home by Design magazine. It keeps my name and face in front of my clients. The magazine has given me the opportunity to list many homes. Every time the magazine arrives at the home or business of one of my clients, they are reminded of what I do! I love your magazine!

Sylvia Stewart - Fairhope, Alabama

 This has worked for me for my SOI for many years, people know how to get in touch with me!!! AND as my first broker told me years ago, “stay in front of your contacts 6 or more times a year!” There are some beautiful glossy magazines out there for big bucks that do the same thing in my opinion. This one is nice, bright, and brief, good quality and works the same.

Pogo Gorwood - Has been mailing YHL since 2006

First and foremost the quality is exceptional.  Clients love it. It  keeps the clients in touch, good articles and a back page to customize for your business. Heidi is great to work with professional, timely and understands marketing.

Linda Ellen Anderson - Has been mailing since 2004

YHL has been a great marketing tool for our real estate business. We send YHL to our past clients each month to stay in touch and provide them valuable information. Our clients enjoy the articles and helpful home tips they receive each month in YHL’s brief format. Staying in touch with YHL keeps us “top of mind” with our clients so they remember to contact us with all of their real estate needs!

Heather with Cutting Edge Realtors - Has been mailing since 2020

Wow this magazine is amazing! I have past clients I send it to and they are always saying “please dont stop sending the magazine we love it!”. The recipes are the favorite and they actually say they make it all the time. I also love the consistency and ease on my part it just comes every other month with new fresh articles that are just a bit of everything with no ads! You can customize if you choose to or if you get too busy you dont need to stress because it comes great rightoff the presses!!

Amy Abrams

HBD is one of the best things we did for our business. Our clients love it and it keeps our name in front of them. Plus, when we go on a presentation with buyers and sellers, they always get a magazine and really enjoy that as well. In this business, an agent has to continue to make themselves memorable to their SOI and this is an easy way to get something nice to them. I used to personalize each issue back in the old days, however, my clients did not care too much about that, they loved the magazine articles best so we decided to just let it go out with our branding and not take up space. We sold an incredible luxury home not too long ago that we may put in eventually…

Debbie Hallerman - Has been mailing HBD since 2006

I’ve been a member of Your Home and Lifestyle magazine for over 15 years. I have been a Realtor for 39 yrs. I send it to my clients as well as my friends and family.  The positive results were immediate and I would get questions from clients, happy comments from family and friends.  To start with, I decided to make it a newsletter w/ pics, on the inside cover. Or you can write something on the back cover with pictures too!  It made sense to write about market conditions or anything positive to help my clients want to know current facts that would help them sell or buy a home. But often I will post family events, vacations, baby news, etc., my latest is of my grandson’s wedding.  Pictures tell a story and sharing with clients and/or friends continues to be more successful than I ever imagined it could.  I have encouraged my colleagues to look at some of my magazines and they too signed on and have experienced similar results.  Another thing everyone likes about the magazine is its quality, each month a different theme researched and well written.  Also there is a recipe that the chef in your home will enjoy. Lastly, it can be read in a short time, not a huge magazine that ends up on a coffee table untouched.  2024 is a perfect time to reconsider how effective your marketing money has been for you in the past.  The cost of Your Home and Lifestyle is pennies compared to other mailers I tried.  I love it when a client or friend calls me or texts me about something they read or saw after they received it .  Remember when you can touch their heart, you will have them as a client for life.

Bonnie Joly

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