Exclusive Magazine Program for Smith & Associates Real Estate Agents

We are delighted to partner with Smith & Associates as your premier provider of personalized printed magazines.

Your Home By Design magazines are tailored for real estate agents to keep you top-of-mind, build your brand, foster client relationships, and ultimately grow your business!

Your magazine is a marketing gift your clients will appreciate, keep, and look forward to receiving throughout the year.

Home By Design Magazine

Our signature Home by Design publication is filled with exclusive content that your clients are sure to enjoy—from home décor and renovation, to travel destinations and everything in between.


  • 52-page magazine
  • Luxury home décor and lifestyle features, recipes, travel and more
  • 6 issues / year (bi-monthly mailing)
  • Three customizable cover pages (inside front, inside back, outside back) + Front Cover
  • No ad competition
  • Low minimum order quantities

Exclusive pricing available for Smith & Associates agents:

Home By Design Magazine


Minimum order quantity is 30. Direct Mail shipping is included. Prices below are listed in USD.

Product Name 30-99* 100-199 200+ One-Time Set-up Fee
Home By Design Magazine $4.05
(Regularly $4.55)
(Regularly $4.15)
(Regularly $4.15)
(Regularly $199)


NEXT HBD ISSUE (October/November): The Warm & Cozy Issue
Deadline: August 13, 2024


We also offer YHL Magazines and recipe/décor postcards to enhance your marketing touch points all year long! Call for more details.

*Receive a FREE, branded social media link every Friday with 50 or more magazines!

As an added bonus, your mailings include weekly article links you can use in client newsletters, your social media platforms, or websites! We make it easy for you to keep a consistent flow of information streaming to your target market, while highlighting you and your business.

How It Works

Upload Your Photos

Upload your featured headshot, photos, and logos.

Customize Your Products

Customize your products using our default content, easy-to-use templates, or upload your own PDF.

Mailing List

Send us your exclusive client mailing list and order extra products to present to your clients in person.

Print and Ship

We’ll print, address, and mail your products to the clients on your list—postage paid.



* For quote or sample requests, please contact me directly *

Jodee StrattonSales Team Lead

Tel: 877.423.4567 ext 303

Direct: 208.398.4601

Email: jstratton@bydesignpublishing.com

Life is such a great adventure! I am a creative thinker with a gift for teaching and love art and the theatre.  I see potential and beauty in the ordinary, and although gardening is one of my most favorite things to do, I can’t seem to grow tomatoes or zucchini to save my life.

Exclusive pricing for Smith & Associates is available! Please refer to the pricing grid above.

* For quote or sample requests, please contact me directly *

Why print magazines?


  • Print magazines are number one in reaching affluent, high-income consumers in luxury categories more than any other media, including the internet.
  • 3 in 4 people have a magazine in their house.
  • A tangible and durable print piece.

95% of people under 25 read printed magazines.

75% of people keep magazines for over a year.

62% of readers take action after seeing a print magazine advertisement.

Digital communication is at an all-time high. Cut through the digital noise and set yourself apart with printed products that stay in front of your customers every day, not for just a few seconds.

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